Natural Stone Counter Tops

Marble Bathroom Counter top

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GW Surfaces is Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County’s top choice for natural stone counter tops and other solid surface areas.

In our 60,000 Square foot manufacturing and showroom plant in Ventura, CA, we design, fabricate and provide installation services for granite and marble countertops, shower walls, and bathroom walls.

Marble And Granite Counter Top Advantages

Imperfect Beauty

One important feature of marble and granite is that they are not perfect.  This gives the appearance of “Movement” that can greatly add to the beauty for countertops and other surfaces.  This imperfection does not impair the durability or the function of the surface. Because of their inherent imperfections, the seams on marble and granite counter tops can often be visible, however, this again is said to add to the beauty of the natural stone.  At GW Surfaces you can come and examine the actual slab before we fabricate and install too.

Closeup of Granite Counter top in Ventura County Luxury Home

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Sealants & Protection

Because of the porous nature of the natural stone surfaces, they must be sealed to protect them.  We provide the sealing on all of our natural stone counter tops for you before we install them.  Additionally, a sealant must be re-applied about every three years.