Bathroom Counter Tops

Marble Bathroom Counter top

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New stone, quartz-engineered or man-made solid surface countertops are very popular for Bathroom counters.  Every day we meet with homeowners that are getting rid of their tired old tile or other counter tops and replacing them with new, beautiful and easy to manage counter tops.

  1. Stone Counter Tops: This category includes Marble, Granite, Travertine, and Limestone.  Stone countertops provide unmatched beauty and style.
  2. Quartz Engineered Counter Tops: Today, there are many manufacturers of quartz engineered man-made stone solid surface counter tops.  Most commonly heard of among them are Silestone® and Caesarstone®. However, other high quality, beautiful options have arrived in the marketplace.  Quartz Engineered solid surfaces offer beauty at a more affordable price compared to stone counter tops.
  3. Solid Surface:  This group of counter top material is man made and has come a long way since the Corian® first came on the market.  At GW Surfaces, we design and fabricate your solid surface counter top using these materials to exacting measurements.  Also included in this category is Formica® and WilsonArt®